Friday, September 19, 2008

How to dye antique black

Jeepers, I've been busy! I have taken pictures and plan to write a step by step instruction guide for how to "Grunge" colors and get some good antique blacks. I just dyed a new batch of grunge wool and antique black and took pictures for every step.

I have to finish up some wholesale hang tag orders and then I will post the directions and photos within the next few days. Please bookmark my blog and come back and keep visiting. I'm just so swamped finishing up hang tag orders before the hand dyed wool season really kicks off.

I appreciate any feedback anyone might have, or if they have questions on how to dye wool, PLEASE, leave a comment or email me and I will add it to my list and "Git er done!!". :)

The Liatris (Texas state flower or Kansas Gay Feather), wild sage, native prairie grasses and sunflowers are all perfect for picking and drying now. I hope to get out on my land and get some picked and hung to dry so I can start making some prim dried flower door hangers and wreathes. I'll try to post some pictures of our fields in the next few days also.

Keep me bookmarked and keep checking in!!

Melba - Head Primster of Shorn Sheep

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Promoting your stores

Here is a really good place to promote your online store. Join up and help create a network to link your sites and increase traffic and search engine placement for all of us.